Aerial Photograph ~~ Samuel Dillinger Distillery, Ruff's Dale
Location: 43 km SE of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (April 11, 1993)
Displayed Here June 28, 2005

The distillery complex incorporates the large dark structures left of center of this series of twelve 2.5 inch-square photographs. The complex is right next to the railroad tracks, which pass directily in front (northeast) of the Dillinger buildings. The distillery, itself, is the identified by the tall exhaust stack. The open area to the southwest formerly contained three very large warehouses, which were demolished.

Another partial warehouse is situated at the lower right of the site (which is awaiting further demolition), along with the Cistern Room, where the barrels were filled (which is just to the left and also in bad shape). The distillery buildings are clustered to the right of the complex, while the two surviving warehouses are joined together to the left of the distillery. These warehouses were the first erected here, and are the oldest surviving buildings.

Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey via Microsoft TerraServer Imagery ( ).

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