Broad Ford Views
Compiled by K. R. Overholt Critchfield, March 21, 2007
With Thanks To Jeffrey & Mary Antol & Google Earth
~~ Updated 3-26-07 ~~

Note what appears to be vehicles on the road near the distillery building. I have been curious about this scene, wondering if (as Jeffrey Antol suggested) this shot was taken around the time of the big fire in October 2004, because it is possible the red vehicles are firetrucks. Two individuals can be seen carrying something -- a ladder, perhaps -- further up the dirt road, parallel to the long shadow of the smoke stack. It was reported that the fire was in the distillery's "cafeteria," and from the newspaper photos, it is fair to assume the cafeteria was in the first floor of the very building that I fell in love with and want most to survive the ravages of time -- the A. Overholt & Company Building. However, it is also possible that the cafeteria was located in the building closest to the trucks. The earlier photo of Broad Ford that appears in my series Aerial Photographs shows a rooftop that looks a lot different than what is apparent in this run of photos. A visit to the site would be necessary to clear up the mystery. It is a constant worry for me to ponder the status of the site and the integrity of the buildings.

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