Burfield Found Bottle
Photograph from Bill Burfield
Written by K. R. Overholt Critchfield, August 8, 2001
~~ Renovated 10-22-08 ~~

Bill Burfield wrote, "I recently found an old 1/2 pint bottle of Overholt Whiskey while remodeling my house, and was interested in its history, so I looked it up, and was surprised to find your website. The bottle is still corked, but is empty. Apparently [the contents] evaporated after all these years."

There must be some interesting history attached to this old bottle. If anyone has information about any kind of found Overholt Whiskey bottle, I would be happy to hear about it, and pass it on. Send me a nice photo, add something about how it was found, and I'll publish the story.

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