Old Overholt Clock
Photograph by Tom Overholt
Written by K. R. Overholt Critchfield, August 8, 2001
~~ Renovated 10-22-08 ~~

Yes, this picture includes a bottle, too, but it is the clock that qualifies as the found artifact!

It was more than a year ago (May 2000) that I received this intriguing photograph from Tom Overholt. In fact, it was this very photo that made me want to create a feature on my web site that would highlight this sort of found artifact. I confess it has taken me a lot longer than I anticipated to accomplish this task, but "better late than never," right?

Tom Overholt lives in central Virginia, but originally came from Ohio, where his parents and siblings still reside. He wrote, "I just got through looking at your web site and enjoyed it very much . . . I have yet to make it to the West Overton Museum, but I hope to one day soon. I came upon an item at an auction that you might find interesting and I am attaching a picture of it."

"I saw an add in the newspaper about the auction and it was advertised as just Old Overholt, so I had no idea what they had until I got there. Well, somebody wanted it almost as much as I did, so I had to pay a little more than I was prepared to, but it seemed like a one-of-a-kind item, so I determined that I had to have it.

I would venture to say that it once sat in a bar, until it outlived its usefulness. Someone along the line painted it green. I am going to strip that off, as it is chrome and bare metal underneath. I have not decided if I am going to restore the wiring in it or not. If you know anything about the origin of this clock, please share it with me."

If anyone has any helpful information, Tom's e-mail address may still be as follows.

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