InterOverholt Memorandum

TO: The Extended Overholt Family
FROM: Karen Rose Overholt Critchfield
RE: Unclaimed Property in Pennsylvania
DATE: May 12, 2000

Hello, all! A Happy Mother's Day is wished for all Mothers!

I hope everyone is ready for Mother's Day on May 14th!

RE: Unclaimed Property in Pennsylvania

Every year, the Pennsylvania Treasurer advertises the fact that the Treasury holds millions of dollars worth of Unclaimed Property, and they are just waiting to hear from the people who cannot be located at their last known address. (I don't know if their staff spends any time on the Internet, using search engines.) Today's Tribune Review published seven pages of names (in small print) of some rightful owners whose last known addresses were in Allegheny, Armstrong, Fayette, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. These published names "represent only a tiny fraction of our database," says PA State Treasurer Barbara Hafer in an open letter introducing the list. "We have more than a million names and over $500 million worth of property on record. One in every 14 Pennsylvanians is entitled to unclaimed property and the average claim is $1000."

I decided to do some research for the Extended Overholt Family, and discovered 14 persons named "Overholt" in the database. Since "others may legally charge a fee of up to fifteen percent of the total value of any property recovered" on behalf of a rightful owner, I'm advertising the names I found, so that the rightful owners can save that 15%. You can get the full information via the Internet at or call the Treasury Unclaimed Property Bureau (1-800-222-2046). Also, keep in mind that other states have their own Treasury records of unclaimed property. A good search engine can locate all the state web sites, but watch out for the "services" that want money "up front" to allow you to check the public records. I don't know about the other states, but Barbara Hafer warns, "If someone other than Treasury's Unclaimed Property staff contacts you offering to help you claim property, call us first. Our services are free."

Overholt List

Alfred Overholt, Braddock, PA, Prudential Insurance
Dorothy Overholt, Beaver, PA; Prudential Insurance
Elmer E. Overholt, Philadelphia, PA; Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Ernest Overholt, Scottdale, PA; Marathon Oil Co.
Francis W. Overholt, Media, PA; John Hancock Mutual
Gayle S. Overholt, Edinboro, PA; Office of Budget State Treasury
Hannah Overholt, Penns Park, PA; Office of Budget State Treasury
Janet M. Overholt, Newtown, PA; Fluor Corp.
Nancy Overholt, Philadelphia, PA; Sprint Communications
Robert E. Overholt, Stewartstown, PA; Members First Federal Credit Union
Ronald Overholt, [no address]; Clerk of Court Criminal Erie Co.
Stephen J. Overholt, Sharon Hill, PA;General Accident Insurance Group
William A. Overholt, [three entries] Ardsley, PA; Sovereign Bond A
William B. Overholt, Hatfield, PA; Pioneer Fund II

Every entry has a Property Code, and the possibilities include:

Bond Interest; Acct Payable Checks; Currency; Credit Balance; Interest Checks; Cash in Lieu; Uncashed Checks; Final Liquid Cash Distribution; Mineral & Royalty Proceeds; Claims Payment Check; Premium Refund; US Government Securities; Utility Refunds; Wages, Payroll, Salary; Witness Fees. The list of codes is quite long.

I hope this InterOverholt Memo helps locate the rightful owners or their families,
and let's hope a few small fortunes are discovered and recovered!

As always, I would be happy to hear feedback.


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