West Overton in the News
Written & Edited by Karen Rose Overholt Critchfield, September 8, 2003



What is Going On at West Overton These Days?

My visits to West Overton may be few and far between, but my curiosity about the activities there never wanes. For the past few years, I have found some comfort in surfing the Web for newpaper articles that feature West Overton Museums, and have come to appreciate how often the site is mentioned in newsprint, at least at the local level in area newspapers. If the story is big enough, something will show up on television, but the best in-depth coverage comes from the newspapers.

It has occured to me that other people might like to have easy access to these articles for their own research. I thought, "If more people know what is happening at West Overton, they would want to visit," so web pages in this series are devoted to news stories about West Overton. It is limited only by what I can find online. I am planning to add to this collection as time goes by, so you may wish to check back for updates.

You will be able to access the pages in this feature from the list below, but also from the the first page of Karen's Branches.2. On each page, you will find portions of the articles (occasionally full articles) that mention West Overton or impact the West Overton Museums site. The most recent article will always be at the top of each yearly collection, and an active URL will take you directly to the page where I found it. Very often, you will find nice photographs posted online with the stories.

As long as the various newspaper organizations maintain their Internet files, you should be able to link to the articles with no trouble. However, if there is a breakdown anywhere in the system, or the URL is incorrect, please let me know. Thanks!


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