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The Extended Overholt Family Foundation, as a new "start-up" nonprofit organization, can provide only one service to new members -- free access to all the articles, pictures and family tree information already available at The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches. As time goes by, we expect to offer more in exchange for your support.

A contribution of one dollar will give you a one-year membership.


Membership Details
We are asking for your contribution of one dollar for a year's membership. As a new "start-up" nonprofit organization, we currently have little to offer you, other than free access to all the work published online at The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches. Of course, all the material at Karen's Branches has always been available to the public without cost, and shall remain so. This is called "irony."

The second reason for asking $1.00 for membership harkens back to the year 1881, when on March 1st, the executors of Abraham Overholt (deceased January 1870) signed over the trademark and business rights to the name A. Overholt and Company to Henry Clay Frick for the consideration of "$1.00 and other good and valuable considerations," considerations that were left unspecified. There is legal evidence showing the Overholts did not expect to lose their trademark and business rights forever, just as they did not expect Frick and partner James G. Pontefract's refusal to leave the premises of their Broad Ford distillery at the end of a five-year contract. Although the family sued to rectify this injustice, ultimately the case was "buried" at the Supreme Court level, and Frick retained ownership of everything built up by his grandfather, Abraham Overholt, and several generations of his own relatives.

Sending us your one dollar will be a symbolic act in remembrance of how much was lost with the legal exchange of one dollar. But the action will result in a down payment toward our efforts to preserve and reclaim our heritage. This is "reverse symbolism."

In the future, we will welcome your contributions toward one or more of the specific activites described in Our To-Do List (see About Us page), but a year's membership will always remain one dollar.

Make your check for one dollar (Only one dollar, please!) payable to The Extended Overholt Family Foundation, and mail it to the following address.

The Extended Overholt Family Foundation
1934 Westmont Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15210-4124

Add the words "for membership" as a note on your check, and give us your name, home address and/or e-mail address, so that we can send a confirmation. If you have a place on the family tree, or consider yourself a member of the general public, please let us know, and . . .

Thank you!



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