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The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches
Written & Compiled by Karen Rose Overholt Critchfield © 1999-2014

Welcome to www.karensbranches.com!
~~ Updated May 15, 2014 ~~

Abraham Overholt Homestead House in West Overton, PA ~ Photograph by K. R. Overholt Critchfield, © 1999

Welcome to all visitors, and hi, cousins!

Hello! I am a direct descendant of Abraham Overholt (1784-1870), a Mennonite of Swiss ancestry who augmented his position as the family weaver by tending the family "still." Abraham became famous for his Pennsylvania rye whiskey, sold as Old Farm and Monongahela, originally at West Overton, East Huntingdon Township in Westmoreland County, Western Pennsylvania. Beginning with a log cabin distillery and a reputation for excellence, Abraham expanded the business over the course of his lifetime, until the name A. Overholt & Company was synonymous for fine whiskey. Abraham built a second and more famous distillery at Broad Ford, on the banks of the Youghiogheny River, and it was there (years after the master distiller's death) that the brand name Old Overholt was coined.

While Abraham's whiskey is a notable chapter of the family saga, there is so much more to be aware of regarding our formative years that touches upon pivotal events in European history, church history, and the history of Colonial America. From the time our ancestors left their mountain in Switzerland, to the time their descendants established Mennonite communities in William Penn's colony, to the time Henry Oberholtzer led his train of Conestoga wagons beyond the Allegheny Mountains -- the story of the Overholt Family provides many fascinating subjects of study and research.

This web site is dedicated to Abraham Overholt and The Extended Overholt Family, and aspires to highlight those pioneers who settled the "wild country" west of the Allegheny Mountains, who cleared the land and built log cabins, and who, as they sowed the fields with grain, sowed the seeds of a large part of Western Pennsylvania history. I have set before me the task of doing my part to remember and commemorate their frontier spirit, their hard work, and all that yet remains of their combined effort to create something worthwhile. Sadly, the Overholts lost West Overton and the whiskey business, too. It was a tragedy precipitated by the meteoric rise of Henry Clay Frick (a grandson of Abraham Overholt), who needed coal to feed thousands of beehive coke ovens.

The Industrial Revolution could easily be blamed for everything, but that would be an oversimplification. The truth is more complicated, for much of the innovation implimented by the Overholt Family at West Overton and Broad Ford enabled the birth of that revolution. Eventually, a diaspora occurred as the family split up, some traveling further westward and elsewhere, until the name "Overholt" came to be written in the histories of just about every state in the Union, including Hawaii.

Today, through Internet search engines, we can find hundreds of descendants of the original Oberholtzer families that took root in Bucks County, Eastern Pennsylvania. Other branches (established lines and unestablished lines, in genealogical terms) settled throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. Several Canadian lines took root in Ontario, and I have received e-mail from a few of their descendants. Some branches of the family still spell their surnames Oberholtzer or Oberholser, or use Overholt, Overholts, Overholtz, or some other spelling. But we are all The Extended Overholt Family now, no matter where we presently call home.

I have heard from a distinguished Overholt cousin who is living and working in Hong Kong, China. I have heard from American GIs stationed in Europe, who are living near the towns in Switzerland and Germany, from where the Oberholtzers immigrated to America and William Penn's colony. Many cousins have written with a friendly "hello" and have taken the time to share personal stories and bits of interesting family history, some of which are found in my web pages. Since I published my first articles, many people (long-lost relatives and those who are interested in Overholt Whiskey) have expressed their appreciation of my work, often because they previously knew little or nothing about our family origins or historical significance. The "thank you" notes have been, and continue to be, a real blessing. I remain so glad I began this Internet adventure!

If all goes well, this page will serve as a signpost for even more long-lost relatives, enabling us to become even more aware and reacquainted with each other. As my web-building skills sharpen, appearances may change, but the intent will always stay the same. I want to highlight as much of our story as possible, and encourage all of us to pay attention to what is happening at West Overton and Broad Ford. As I am able to do so, I will strive to generate interest in the Abraham Overholt Homestead and West Overton, now called West Overton Village and West Overton Museums. And special attention will be given to the future reclamation and renovation of the A. Overholt and Company Distillery at Broad Ford, PA.

~~ See Table of Contents Below ~~

You are invited to visit my other web pages (see below) for more history and some photographs of today's West Overton. I have accumulated quite a lot of pages now, but I hope you will consider your time well-spent! You will find a series of InterOverholt Memos, Feature Articles and Research Entries, which may turn out to be valuable resources for current and historic information, hopefully of interest to The Extended Overholt Family.

GenForum has a page for the surname "Overholt" that I hope you will visit.
Click on the following link and add your own note to the many entries you'll see there!

Visit GenForum's Overholt Family page.


K. R. Overholt Critchfield © 1999

National Park Service © 1983


National Park Service © 1983


Historic American Bldgs Survey




Stauffer Homestead (c 1882)


Maria Stauffer Overholt


Joseph R. Stauffer

Dallas News © John Knott


HABS/HAER Report © 1990


HABS/HAER Report © 1990


Broad Ford Piers © JimBat 2007


Broad Ford © Jeffrey Antol 2007


Elevator Building & Granary
© Jeffrey Antol 2007


Broad Ford Swinging Bridge


Ruined Bridge at Broad Ford
© Brian J. Krummel 2007



Special Feature Article

~~ OLD OVERHOLT: The History of a Whiskey ~~
~~ Updated & Renovated December 10, 2005 ~~

Old Overholt, Part I
George Washington Effectively Begins the French and Indian War
The Overholt Family: From Bucks to Westmoreland County
Descendants of Henry Oberholtzer
Whiskey as a Necessity
The Excise Tax and the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794

Old Overholt, Part II
Abraham Sees a Future in Distilling Whiskey
Descendants of Abraham Overholt
A Whiskey of Quality and Character
Abraham Discovers Coal in the Region
A Reputation Spanning American History

Old Overholt, Part III
Changes Over Time
Grandson Henry Clay Frick
Modern Broad Ford and the Overholt Distillery [circa 1935]
The Overholt Family Tree~~Karen's Branches

Addenda, Part I
Text of Legal Papers
RE: The History of the Overholt Distilleries
Contents, Part I
Addendum A, B, C, D, E, F

Addenda, Part II
Text of Legal Papers
RE: The History of the Overholt Distilleries
Contents, Part II
Addendum G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O

National and Economic Events/Overholt Family Events
The 16th & 17th Century
The 18th Century
The 19th Century
The 20th Century [to 1935]

Special Feature Article

~~ Sons & Grandsons ~~

Sons & Grandsons of Westmoreland County, Part 1
Articles & portraits from old history books, newspaper articles, etc.
Abraham Overholt - Henry Stauffer Overholt
Jacob Stauffer Overholt - Christian Stauffer Overholt
Abraham Overholt Tinstman - Benjamin Franklin Overholt
Abraham Carpenter Overholt - Ralph Overholt
Martin Overholt Overholt - James E. Tinstman
Henry Vinton Overholt
Big Fire At The Overholt Distillery (1905)

Sons & Grandsons of Westmoreland County, Part 2
Articles & portraits from old history books, featuring:
Samuel Dillinger - The Overholt Family
The Stoner Family - The Fox Family
The Kline Family - The Loucks Family
Peter Stauffer Loucks - Col. Israel Painter
John W. Painter - Joseph Lippincott
William J. K. Kline, M.D.- Dr. Nicholas L. K. Kline
The Markle Family

Sons & Grandsons of Westmoreland County, Part 3
Articles & portraits from old history books, featuring:
Gen. Joseph Markle - Cyrus Painter Markle
Shepard B. Markle - Shepherd Brown Markle
Cassius Clay Markle

Our European History

Alemanni, by The History Files
Data about our ancient ancestors, the Alemanni Tribes
History Timeline of Alemanni Kings & Conflicts

Oberholtzer Sites in Germany
Carroll Overholt & his son Charles Tour Germany
Story & Photographs by Carroll & Charles Overholt
Frankfurt am Main & Sinsheim
Oberholzer Communities in the Sinsheim Valley
Immelhäuser Hof & Steinsberg Castle

On the Western Edge of Canton St. Gallen
Nelson Lafon & Emily Marston in Oberholz, Switzerland
Story & Photographs by Nelson Lafon
Oberholz in Summer

Maps of Interest to "O" Families
History Maps of Central Europe
Oberholz Locations & Maps of Switzerland
Oberholtzer Communities in Germany
Thirty Miles from Frankfurt am Main
The Rhine River System

Odds and Ends
Internet Resources for Oberholz & Switzerland
Sankt Gallen, St. Gall, St. Gall's Abbey
Pictures of Wald, Swiss Alps & Obersee
St. Oberholz in Berlin, Germany
Castle Ruins of Hoenstaufen, Germany
Zurich Memorial for Drowned Anabaptists

~~ Karen's Background Story ~~
~~ Updated & Renovated January 5, 2005 ~~

The Overholt Family
Life Stories
First Visit to West Overton (1984)

The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches, Page One
Family Tree

The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches, Page Two
The Overholt Family and West Overton, PA
4 Photos of West Overton

The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches, Page Three
The Overholt Family and West Overton, PA (continued)
4 Photos of West Overton


In Memory of My Mother

Mrs. Rose J. Fink
Birth Name: Rosa Domenica Plocido
(aka Rose Joann Overholt)
b. September 17, 1929, Pittsburgh, PA
d. April 6, 2010, Tampa, FL


~~ West Overton ~~

~~ NPS Report on West Overton (1985) ~~

West Overton Ranks as a Landmark in 1985
This National Park Service Report led to
West Overton's rank as a Landmark (1985).

~~ HABS Report on West Overton (1990) ~~

Introduction to HABS Report on West Overton
Illustrations from HABS Report
Photographs of Pertinent Individuals

HABS Report, Page One
Excerpts from HABS Report, pp. 1-12
Karen's Notes

HABS Report, Page Two
Excerpts from HABS Report, pp. 12-26
Karen's Notes

~~ Reflections On West Overton ~~

Reflections on West Overton
Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams


~~ Jacobs Creek ~~

Winifred Paul and Along the Banks of Jacobs Creek
Highlighting Author Winifred Paul and Her Book
A Letter From Winifred Paul
Contacting John B. Roose
The Town of Jacobs Creek, PA
The Jacobs Creek Watershed Association

~~ Our Stauffer Cousins ~~

Our Stauffer Cousins
Written in collaboration with Thomas Ridenour
Drawing of Stauffer Farm & Mill
Drawing of Dexter Coke-Works
The Stauffer Family Tree ~~ Thomas Ridenour's Branches
Map of West Overton Area
Stauffer Family History in Pictures

Stauffer Family History in Pictures
Old Photographs of Stauffer Properties
Antique Photographs of Stauffer Family
Charcoal Portraits
Joseph R. Stauffer Obituary
Abraham K. Stauffer Obituary

Stauffer Generations
The Story of the Rev. Abraham Stauffer
Christian Stauffer Generational Chart
Stauffer Family Tree Web Sites

The Stauffer Homestead House
Introducing the Stauffer Homestead House
A Few Stauffer Generations
The Stauffer House in Pictures
Photos From June 18, 2005
Photos From May 17, 2004
Arranging a Visit

~~ Aerial Photographs ~~

Broad Ford Views
Aerial Photograph of Broad Ford Overholt Distillery
Aerial Photograph of Samuel Dillinger Distillery
Aerial Photograph of West Overton Village

~~ West Overton In The News ~~

West Overton in the News

West Overton News 2011
(coming soon)

West Overton News 2010
(coming soon)

West Overton News 2009
(coming soon)

West Overton News 2008
(coming soon)

West Overton News 2007
News Stories from December 22 Back to July 20

West Overton News 2007b
News Stories from July 27 Back to January 17

West Overton News 2006
News Stories from December 17 Back to January 18

West Overton News 2005
News Stories from December 14 Back to January 2

West Overton News 2004b
News Stories from December 18 Back to June 29

West Overton News 2004
News Stories from June 29 Back to January 4
[plus special article from November 2003]

West Overton News 2003
News Stories from November 16 Back to January 16

West Overton News 2002
News Stories from December 8 Back to January 11

West Overton News 2001
News Stories from December 8 back to August 16

West Overton News 2000
News Stories from December 17 back to October 28

~~ Broad Ford ~~

~~ Overholt Whiskey & the Mellons ~~

The Famous Case of Heiner v. Mellon
The Text of the 1938 U.S. Supreme Court Case
Plenty of Questions & Notes on the Side
1867 Atlas Drawing of West Overton
How to Order a Co
Dallas Newspy of the 1867 Atlas Drawing
Text of Letter from R. B. Mellon to H. C. Frick
Documents From Historic Pittsburgh

~~ HABS/HAER Report on Broad Ford (1990) ~~

HABS/HAER-Broad Ford
America's Industrial Heritage Report on
The Overholt Distillery at Broad Ford (1990)

~~ Broad Ford Safari ~~

Broad Ford Safari
Photographs & Notes

Changing the Course of History
Nomination of Broad Ford for Endangered Status
Notification Letter from Preservation Pennsylvania

Broad Ford in the News
News Stories from December 18, 2004 back to October 16, 2004

~~ Broad Ford Seasons ~~

Broad Ford Geocacher
Photographs by Geocacher "JimBat"
Living Green
Old Overholt Distillery Swinging Bridge Cache
Geocaching - A Short Introduction

Broad Ford Autumn
Photographs by Jeffrey Antol
Brittle Leaves Underfoot
When Yellow Brick Looks Burnt Orange
Off the Beaten Path

Broad Ford Winters
Classic Photographs
Frozen Hush of Winter
Broad Ford's Youghiogheny River
History in Black and White
Brian Krummel's Forgotten Bridge

~~ Broad Ford Aerial Photographs ~~

Broad Ford Views 2
Bird's Eye Views from Virtual Earth and Penn Pilot

Broad Ford Views 3
More Bird's Eye Views from Penn Pilot

Broad Ford Views 4
Some More Bird's Eye Views from Penn Pilot

Broad Ford Views 5
Even More Bird's Eye Views from Penn Pilot

~~ Broad Ford Past & Present ~~

Broad Ford Aerial History
Historic Aerial Photographs from Penn Pilot
Aerial Photographs from 1939
Photo of A. Overholt & Co. Distillery Complex, c.1942
Aerial Photographs from 1959
Aerial Photographs from 1967
Thinking Over Lost Time and Times
So, How Much Is Left?
Graphic Showing Lost & Existing Buildings
Exerpts from HABS/HAER Report on Broad Ford (1990)
Afterthought: The Conveyor Engine?

Broad Ford Aerial History, Page 2
Aerial Photos of Broad Ford Terrain from Penn Pilot
More Penn Pilot Aerial Photography
History and The Overholt Family
Curious Terrain, or Hey! What IS that?
See More Photos

Broad Ford Dismantled
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
Flickr Photographer Visits Broad Ford
Bonded Warehouse D
Not A Perfect Rectangle
Warehouse Damage Exposed
When Walls Were Still Standing
Demolition Rubble
Overholt Distillery Row
Little Information from Shallenberger Construction
Ages of Overholt Distillery Bricks
Lest We Forget the History

Broad Ford Distressed
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
Flickr Photographer at Broad Ford
Study of the Granary Building
The Building Has Two Faces
Granary Interiors
The Bonded Bottling House
Report of 2004 Fire in "Cafeteria"
Bottling House Interiors
Future Location of Karen's Old Farm Distillery?
New Fermenting House
Drying House & Machine Shop
New Fermenting House Interiors
Mystery of the Abandoned Sewing Machine

Broad Ford Distressed 2
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
More From Flickr Photographer at Broad Ford
Distillery Building Interiors
Studying The Fermenting Tubs
Mounting For A Copper Still?
Free Warehouse A -- aka, Machine Shop-Fabricating Shop
Free Warehouse A Interiors
The Office Building
Office Building Interiors
The Grain Elevator
Trespassers Beware!

Broad Ford Distressed Summer
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
Summer Shots From Flickr Photographer
Studies In Gold
On A Bright Summer Day
Distillery Road Warehouse
Free Warehouse A
The Bonded Bottling House In Summer
Distressed Bottling House
Study Of A Bridge Support

~~ Broad Ford Forsaken ~~

Inside Looking Out
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
Inside Looking Out
Inside The Office Building
A Track Runs Through It
Looking Toward The Light
Light & Shadow Inside Free Warehouse A
Inside The Granary Doorway
Inside The Water Tower Supports
New Fermenting House & Attached Buildings
Inside The Glow Of Past Glory
Inside The Ruins Of The Tax Paid Case Warehouse
The Window As Art
Inside Looking At The Outside Green
Real Eye-Openers

Outside Looking In
Pictures by Flickr Photographer cjb19772009
Outside Looking In
Outside At The Office Building
Still Outside Looking In
Outside Free Warehouse A
Outside The Grain Elevator
Outside The Granary
Outside The Water Tower Supports
Outside New Fermenting House Closet
Outside The Bottling House
Looking In A Distillery Hallway
Graffiti At Hallway's End
Outside A Tunnel Looking In
Outside The Stack
RE: Temple Bricks

~~ Broad Ford 2012 Spring ~~

Broad Ford 2012 Spring Exteriors
Pictures by a New Internet Photographer

Broad Ford 2012 Spring Interiors
Pictures by a New Internet Photographer

~~ Broad Ford's Overholt Distillery ~~

Broad Ford's Overholt Distillery
Fall 2012 Connellsville Crossroads Magazine Article
~ along with ~

1905 Article by Connellsville's The Weekly Courier


~~ Samuel Dillinger ~~

The Overholt-Dillinger Connection
Was Dillinger Whiskey Another Overholt Whiskey?
Samuel Dillinger
The Dillinger Obelisk
Sam Komlenic Discovers the Dillinger Monument
The Overholt-Stauffer-Loucks-Dillinger Connection
The Loucks-Dillinger Connection
From Public Squares to Pike Journeys: The Story of the Wagoners
The Hixson-Dillinger Connection
The Baer-Dillinger Connection
The Dillinger Connection to Coal Mining & Coke Works

~~ Found Bottles & Artifacts ~~
~~ Renovated October 22, 2008 ~~

Balach Found Bottle

Borghoff Found Bottle
(Updated 3-22-08)

Broad Ford Overholt Distillery, c. 1942

Burfield Found Bottle

Critchfield Bell

Fred & Ralph Overholt, c. 1949
(Updated 6-14-06)

Karen's Quilt Square

Lion Found Bottle (In a Portrait)

Martin Overholt Headstone

Old Overholt Clock

Overholt's Orchestra

Ridenour's Frick Checks

~~ Overholser Family Association ~~

August 5, 2006 - Overholser Family Association 100th Anniversary
Tales of Last Year's 100th Family Reunion
From July 26, 1906 to the Present
Photos From the 100th Reunion
The Upcoming 101st Family Reunion of the OFA (August 4, 2007)
Maps For Finding Your Way There
Updated ** Purchasing The Oberholtzer Book ** 1-14-08

Memoir: Barbara Babst Ford
The Life and Times of Barbara Babst Ford
Contributions by Stephen Ford
Photographs from Barbara's Life
Contributions by Jack Sholl & Dennis L. Oberholtzer
Perspective by K. R. Overholt Critchfield

~~ Our Family Cemeteries ~~

Alverton Cemetery
30 Photographs & Genealogical Data

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
8 Photographs & Genealogical Data

~~ Deep Run ~~

Last Remains & Family Plots
Reading Headstones at Deep Run
Deep Run Photographs by John Lipman
Drawing of Old Mennonite Church of Deep Run, PA
Searching the Pages of A. J. Fretz & Barbara Ford
Excerpts From the Rev. A. J. Fretz
A Tale of Two Churches
Map of Deep Run Churches
The Lipmans Visit Deep Run ~~ And Take Pictures!
Marking the Passage of Time

~~ Karen as Author ~~

Photos of A Tale of Stone Soup
St. Peter's Players Perform Karen's Play


~~ InterOverholt Memoranda ~~

InterOverholt Memo (12-26-2005)
Best Wishes to All & Happy New Year 2006
My, How Time Flies!
Registering A Trademark
Background Story
Going Into the Whiskey Business
Letter From the PA Liquor Control Board
The Story Continues On the American Whiskey Trail
The Samuel Dillinger Distillery
Living With Scleroderma
Creating The Extended Overholt Family Foundation
Conversation at West Overton
Spilling the Beans About the "Original Recipe"
Spilling the Beans About My Trademark Application
A Quick Tour of Abraham's House
David C. Overholt & The National Trust For Historic Preservation
My Plan to Start a Small Family Foundation
Hoping All Goes Well

InterOverholt Memo (1-5-2005)
Critchfield Family Portrait
From Season's Greetings to Happy New Year
Evaluating the Past Year in Light of Past Years
Ghosts of Christmases Past
Changes for Karen's Branches
Fire at Broad Ford Overholt Distillery
Meeting John & Linda Lipman
Meeting Rick Sebak
New Web Pages & Those On the Way
A Belated Christmas Card to Everybody

InterOverholt Memo (11-10-2003)
Autumn Greetings
Falk School Loses Its Theater Arts Program
Actors Civic Theater Does Godspell, Junior
Becoming A Playwright
New Web Pages Now Online
A New Look For Some Old Pages
First Contact! With Linda & John Lipman
Update for Lion Found Bottle (In A Portrait)
Two Updates for Balach Found Bottle
Future Plans For Karen's Branches.2

InterOverholt Memo (8-13-2001)
So Much to Do . . . and So Little Time!
A New Look for the Old Web Site
New Web Pages Added
Regarding Old Overholt Whiskey
Controversy Over Frick Archives
First Contact With the Riffle Family
Highlighting The Oberholtzer Book
Endangered Trees in Pennsylvania

InterOverholt Memo (8-4-2000)
Busy Summer Months
News of Two Family Reunions
Upcoming Events at West Overton

InterOverholt Memo (5-12-2000)
Unclaimed Property in Pennsylvania

InterOverholt Memo (4-28-2000)
Discovery of My Uncle's Family
April 14th Visit to West Overton
Proposal For a Future Project


~~ Research Articles ~~

Research Entry #1
Beginning My Internet Search
Overholt Family Origins

Research Entry #2
Researching Henry Clay Frick.1;
Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Portrait,
by Martha Frick Symington Sanger
Henry Clay Frick: The Gospel of Greed,

by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr.;
Triumphant Capitalism: Henry Clay Frick and
the Industrial Transformation of America,

by Kenneth Warren;
URL to autobiography of radical Emma Goldman

Research Entry #3
The Overholt-Stauffer-Critchfield Connection
Three Checks From Henry Clay Frick
Along the Banks of Jacobs Creek, by Winifred Erb Paul

Research Entry #4
Two Books by Kenneth Warren:
Wealth, Waste, and Alienation: Growth and
Decline in the Connellsville Coke Industry

Big Steel: The First Century of the United States Steel
Corporation, 1901-2001

Research Entry #5
Highlighting Authors Mellon, Sanger and Perez
Thomas Mellon and His Times, by Thomas Mellon;
The Henry Clay Frick Houses,
by Martha Frick Symington Sanger, Wendell Garrett;
Breaker, by N. A. Perez


~~ Be sure to check back for new pages! ~~

I would be happy to hear from you! Thanks!
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